Chapter one of the WELDCLASS story starts in 1980, regional NSW, with a Ford transit van and an Aussie with a passion for helping his fellow metal fabricators succeed.  

This family-owned business grew to become WELDCLASS - now one of the leading lights in Welding and metal-fabrication supplies across Australasia.


1. We're easy going. 
Nothing complicates things more than red tape and unnecessary drama. You’ve got a job to do and we’re here to help you do it.

2. It’s about supply.
The best products in the world are not worth a crumpet if they’re not available when you need them. We’ve set ourselves to provide the welding industry's best supply rate - to check our progress, google “Weldclass Supply-O-Meter”.

3. Clear communication.
Be it our customer service, website, merchandising, training, or literature… we’re super passionate about clearly communicating exactly what you can expect from WELDCLASS. Clarity, consistency and no hidden surprises.

4. Leading products.
Weldclass is not "just another welding supplier” and we don’t just “bring in stuff”.  We do extensive research and work closely with manufacturers and experts world-wide to develop products that deliver what the professional welder expects.
Some of our best known products include; Platinum GL-11 Gasless Welding Wire, and our Promax Welding Helmet range.

If you need to weld it, we’re here to help!

WELDCLASS Welding Supplies Australia


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