TRu Workwear has over 50 years’ experience as a manufacturer and importer of premium quality workwear for the Australian Market. 

At TRu our mission is to provide the highest quality workwear, service and affordability for our valued customers. With a well-established supply chain and an intricate understanding of the Australia market we are well positioned to offer you the right products and service.

We uphold the belief that quality garments can only be produced from quality fabrics, and we set the specifications for our garments at the beginning of the manufacturing process. This includes control of the yarns used as well as specific spinning and dying methods, and it is with this control that we can achieve continuity in fabric weights, tear strength, colourfastness and a shrinkage rate below the required standard.

Our extensive range covers shirts, trousers, shorts, coveralls as well as jackets and rainwear allowing us to service your every workwear requirement.


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